Tuesday: September 19, 2017
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Community Policing Zone 17

Officer Contacts for Zone 17

Port Huron Police Department

(810) 984-8415

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Primary- Officer James Gilbert ext 1908
Secondary- Officer Nick Godwin ext 1909
Supervisor- Sergeant Jason Barna ext 1972
Community Policing Map for Zone 17

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Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET)



Detective Sgt. C. Frazier frazierc@porthuron.org
Detective E. Krikorian krikorie@porthuron.org
Officer G. Sharp sharpw@porthuron.org
Trooper N. Tucker tuckern@porthuron.org
Officer J. Disser disserj@porthuron.org
Officer R. Philage philager@porthuron.org
Agent M. Ball ballm@porthuron.org


Criminal Investigative Division


Det. Lt. R. Wesch ext 1039 weschr@porthuron.org
Det. M. McBride ext 1040 mcbridem@porthuron.org
Det. K. Brisby ext 1041 brisbyk@porthuron.org
Det. C. Bean ext 1042 beanc@porthuron.org
Det. K. Merritt ext 1043 merrittk@porthuron.org
Det. E. Fantin ext 1045 fantine@porthuron.org
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