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Advanced Accident Investigation Unit


Advanced Accident Investigation Unit


The Advanced Accident Investigation Unit responds to all crashes that result in death and/or serious bodily injury.

Officers assigned to the unit receive specialized accident investigation training through various courses that are offered by Michigan State University. 

About The Team

Members of the unit utilize special techniques, measurement collection instruments, equipment, and technologies to assist them in gathering evidence in order to reconstruct the accident scene.  Reconstruction of accident scenes enables accident investigators to understand the chain of events that led to the crash.

The accident investigators work closely with the St. Clair County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office during the course of their investigations for prosecution of accidents that were a violation of law such as operating while impaired, reckless driving, and civil infraction traffic violations that resulted in death and/or serious injury.

About The Members

The accident investigation unit is supervised by Lt. Brian Georgia and members are comprised of the following:

Team 1:

Team 2:

Detective Chris Bean ( Team Leader) TSO Thomas Ruedisueli (Team Leader)
Detective Eric Krikorian Detective Ernie Fatin
Officer David Conley Officer Thomas Rumley
Officer Duane Hunger Officer Grafton Sharp
Officer Gerard Peczeniuk Officer Chris Smith
Officer Jeremy Young Officer James Campbell

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Det. Lt. R. Wesch ext 1039
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